2017 05 12

Leon Somov & Jazzu cooperation with GO9

More than 10 years of working together duo Leon Somov & Jazz became GO9 summer ambassadors. GO9 is located at the very heart of the capital and distinguished by it’s urban vision. At the same center of Vilnius living music creators Leon Somov and Jazzu – a perfect example of active citizens living an urban live, just as GO9.

According to GO9 marketing manager Aušrinė Bajorė, it is probably the only Vilnius shopping center that can be called a “real citizen”. “Those in a hurry, and those passing through citizens, or, vice versa, those meeting their friends here – everyone can find both – urban buzz and a quiet corner. That is why GO9 is not only a shopping place “, – says A. Bajorė.

Unlike most shopping centers, GO9 is not focusing only to a seasonal new collections. “We are not saying that we focus on a new collection – we invite a visitor to dive in and follow the new season, which is full of new and time-tested food trends, new clothing collections and, of course, favorite meeting places” – marketing manager described the idea of a new campaign.

“We had a vision to cooperate with a well know person with a strong personality: charismatic, adventurous, sometimes satirical or ironic. We looked for the person, which might laugh, which could get angry. We were looking for a personality. We have the duo, each of them has their own opinion, and a clear image. Justė Arlauskaitė-Jazzu is loved by both youngsters and elders, have a strong attitude and a true townswoman image. By the way, she loves Scandinavia, GO9 shopping center has Scandinavian roots, too – investors and architects, updated spaces, are Swedes. Meanwhile, Leon is youthful, but creates a serious professional music. His image is solid, but at the same time creative. This is the exact our visitor, “- why this musical duo became GO9 ambassadors explained A. Bajorė.